Analysis of new variable step-size NLMS-based algorithm for OFDM systems
Suchada Sitjongsataporn
Mahanakorn Institute of Innovation (MII), Department of Electronic Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Mahanakorn University of Technology
140 Cheumsamphan Road, Bangkok10530 Thailand
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Manuscript received October 19, 2016
Revised April 16, 2017

New variable step-size normalised least mean square (NLMS) algorithm is proposed for frequency domain equalisation in the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. An optimal variable step-size approach is introduced how to derive with the method of mean square deviation scheme based on NLMS algorithm. An adaptive frequency domain equalisation approach based on the variable step-size NLMS algorithm is presented with regard to the proposed optimal variable step-size algorithm for OFDM-based systems. We present simulation results to compare the proposed algorithm on the basis of their performance and rate of convergence. Simulation results show that the bit error rate as well as the mean square error can be reduced by the proposed algorithm. The proposed algorithm can be achieved in terms of fast convergence and robustness in comparison with the existing algorithm.

Keywords—Optimal variable step-size algorithm, normalized least mean square (NLMS), frequency domain equalisation (FEQ), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM).

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