S. Purivigraipong
Mahanakorn University of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
Manuscript received October 24 27, 2016
Revised December 5, 2017

This paper reviews the suitable satellite orbit for remote sensing applications, particularly over the near equatorial regions. Generally, the selected satellite orbit for observing the Earth is the Sun synchronous orbit (SSO). However, there is some limitation of SSO to serve the requirements of critical circumstances for disaster or defence events, such as high visibility and high-rate revisiting over the target area. One possibility is to make use of a low-inclined orbital plane. Nevertheless, this orbit type provided the intermittent of revisiting time. This may not exactly meet the full requirements. This paper reviews approaches of making use of Near Equatorial Orbit (NEO) associated with other orbit types for observing the region in low latitude near the Earth equator.

Keywords: Satellite Orbit, Near Equatorial Orbit (NEO), Earth Observation System, Satellite Revisit Time

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