Kinetic Study of Biodiesel Synthesis from Palm Oil by Using Low-Cost Calcium Oxide Catalyst

Tammanoon Udomman, Juthamanee Boonwan, Yupawadee Boonwan, Sumitra Chareonwongsa and Witchulada Chaiyaporn 

Chemical Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty,
Mahanakorn University of Technology, Bangkok, 10530, Thailand
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Manuscript received January 5, 2015
Revised February 17, 2015

The biodiesel production from palm oil by using the low-cost calcium oxide catalysts, prepared from eggshells, cockle shells and crab shell, calcined at 800 OC for 3h was investigated. The results showed that the use of the catalyst preparation from eggshells exhibited the highest conversion of palm oil to biodiesel following by cockle shells and crab shell. With the speed of mixing 800 rpm, the catalysts particle size 90-106 µm, molar ratio of methanol to palm oil of 12:1, the biodiesel conversion can reach 57%. For the transesterification kinetics, the pseudo-first-order was in good agreement with the experimental results. The reaction rate constant (k) and activation energy were determined as 0.0046 (min)-1 at 65OC and 58.47 kJ/mol, respectively.

Keywords: Biodiesel, Calcium oxide, Pseudo-first order, Transesterification.

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