Challenging in Hard Disk Drive Servo System

Veerachai Malyavej

Control, Instrumentation and Mechatronics Engineering,

Mahanakorn University of Technology,

140 Cheum-sampan Rd., Nong Chok, Bangkok, THAILAND

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Manuscript received January 20, 2013

Revised May 9, 2013




In digital world today, digital contents keep increasing every instant. The data storage is therefore crucial to keep this huge amount of digital contents. Currently, the world still relies on hard disk drive for data storage although there are many other methods. The hard disk drive is the marvelous piece of nanotechnology. Each bit of data is magnetically stored and read back in such a tiny area, a few nanometers square, and can be randomly accessed. The secret behind this is the very fast and extremely precise movement of mechanical system. The low level servant to make this happened is that the astonishing servomechanism composing of a carefully design mechanic and a huge pack of control algorithms. This report introduces the fundamental of servo system, focusing on control algorithm, in the current hard disk drive technology and the promising researches for the future.


Keyword: Hard Disk Drive, Servo, Feedback Control

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