Influence of Operational Conditions on The Drying Kinetics of a Slurry Droplet in A Spray Dryer



Wittaya Julklang and Boris Golman*

School of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Engineering,

Suranaree University of Technology, NakhonRatchasima, 30000, Thailand

*Correspondingauthor, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manuscript received October 25, 2012

Revised November 9, 2012




          The effect of operational conditions was studied on the drying kinetics of a slurry droplet in a spray dryer. For this purpose, the mathematical model was developed taking into account the heat and mass transfer resistances inside the droplet. As the result, it was shown that the drying rate of the droplet increases with increasing drying air temperature, air flow rate and slurry concentration, and with decreasing the agglomerate size. It was also confirmed that the heat and mass transfer resistances inside the droplet affect significantly the drying rate.



Keywords: Spray drying, slurry droplet, dryingkinetics, drying model.

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