Correction of Steady-State Mean Square Error of Unbiased Plain Gradient Algorithm for a Second-Order Adaptive IIR Notch Filter


 Rachu Punchalard

Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mahanakorn University of Technology

140 Cheum-Samphan Rd., Nong-Chok, Bangkok 10530

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Manuscript received April 2, 2012

Revised April 29, 2012 


This paper presents the corrected steady-state mean square error (MSE) of the unbiased plain gradient (UPG) algorithm for a second-order adaptive IIR notch filter (ANF) for sinusoidal signal frequency detection. The corrected MSE in white Gaussian noise of the estimated filter coefficient is derived in closed form. Computer simulations are conducted to corroborate the theoretical analysis and to demonstrate its comparative performance with the previous analysis.          


 Keywords: Adaptive notch filter; MSE Analysis; Unbiased algorithm    

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