Sliding Mode Speed Controller for Induction Motors with New Sliding Surface

Haider A. F. Mohamed, Hew Wooi Ping and Nasrudin Abd Rahim

Electrical Engineering Department, The University of Malaya, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manuscript received January 18, 2004,

Revised April 17, 2004




The aim of this paper is to design a sliding mode controller to regulate the speed and the flux of an induction motor to follow some desired references using a new sliding surface. The controller deals with the strong nonlinearities of induction motors. The design uses measurements of stator currents and the speed of the motor. Since the flux can not be measured directly, a mathematical model is used to calculate the values of the flux. In this work, the controller is tested and the results show that both the speed and the flux follow their references with fast response.



Keywords: Nonlinear Control, Sliding Mode Control, Vector Control, Electric Drives.

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