A Review on the Regions of MOSFET Operations : A General MOS Model


Jitkasame Ngarmnil and Uroschanit Yodprasit

Electronic Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering,

Mahanakorn University of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand 10530

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In general, the availability of process technologies such as submicron CMOS and BiCMOS are providing circuit designers with silicon processes which push limits of circuit performances. However this is only the case when designers are fully equipped with the best understanding on those device operations. Since the MOSFET play a very significant role in today circuit designs this paper then aims to discuss in a very intuitive way about MOSFET operations. The criteria for separating the regions of MOSFET functions will be addressed, based upon the assumption that the MOSFET channel is basically a symmetrical structure. The review is based upon the successful reports and literatures from Tsividis [1], Vittoz [2] and Andreou [3].



Keywords : MOSFETs, MOS model


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