Micropower Integrator for a Very-Low Frequency Filter


Uroschanit Yodprasit and Jitkasame Ngarmnil

Department of Electronic Engineering

Mahanakorn University of Technology, Bangkok 10530, Thailand

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An approach to realize a very low transconductance transconductor for implementing a very-low frequency continuous-time filters is presented. The design is based on the negative feedback scheme where the transconductance is reduced by the feedback factor.  All transistors are operated in the weak inversion region so that a very low power consumption can be achieved with ±1 V supplies. Simulation results show that a first-order gm-C lowpass filter with 5 Hz and 10 Hz cutoff frequencies can be obtained with the power consumption only 23 nW and 39 nW, respectively while the integrating capacitor is only 10 pF.



Keywords : integrator, filter, weak inversion


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