Consumer’s Confidential Level for Evaluating New Innovative System for Safety Consumed Shrimp by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

Surachai Pakvilaikiat
Doctor of Business Administration Program in Marketing Siam University

Manuscript received June 13, 2019
Revised November 13, 2019


Consumer’s behavior is the main subject that use for predict the purchasing behavior in Marketing strategic management. Safety’s awareness of consumer is the main attribute, especially concern on raw shrimp from conventional production system that creates a lot of problem such as toxic residual from antibiotic, disease. Then food safety’s awareness is related to buying deciding process. Brand new technology has limited to apply for shrimp farming business, aim to find the key attribute to launch the new innovative products. The acceptance of consumers would support adoption process of all parties in this value chain. The research shows the safety is the parameter that’s dominated safety’s awareness, interesting till evaluated stage. The researcher took the structural equation modeling (SEM) to proof hypothesizes and explained the consumer behavior

Keywords: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Consumer’s behavior.

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